Oud Sluis – The Fascination Continues (July 2008)

Another visit at Oud Sluis – even with the danger to bore you a little with my love for Oud Sluis, our menu this year was mind-blowing again and needs to be shared. The overall level was more consistent along the different courses. There are not many restaurants in the world were you encounter outstanding and perfect dishes that often.

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  1. Wondeful and very analytical commentary, Ingo. I really liked it! As you know, I had many of these dishes too. Sergio IS amazing, that’s for sure.

    And congrats on your new blog! I can’t wait to read your interpretations of more High-End Food experiences. 🙂


  2. Thanks Trine, somehow I can’t leave my analytical roots behind but will try to include some boulevard as well;-)

  3. […] a deja-vu of being in Sluis – Sergio Herman uses the same bowl for a complex dish with sardine (see here). Juan served scallops (half of it on the lower part together with the anchovy and a fantastic […]

  4. Also ich hab Oud Sluis hier http://www.cylex-nederland.nl/zoeken/restaurant+oud+sluis.html gefunden und habe es nie bereut dass ich dort ein Besuch gemacht habe !!! Tschüsss

  5. […] the mediocre quality of the meal – and only because friends have written unanimously well of their own experiences here – but I have been unable to. There were some signs of hope in the good […]

  6. […] – A True M…Alex on The Frankfurt Files (II): Groß…Oud Sluis, Sluis … on Oud Sluis – The Fascinat…Christian on Hidden Gems (I): […]

  7. Beautiful review, Ingo! Hopefully, with god blessings, I might attend a dinner there this or next summer with my wife. I am just debating on how to get there: is there an airport nearby? That would be helpful so that I can just fly from Amsterdam to that nearby airport and get to Oud Sluis.

  8. […] my write-up below, also see Ingo’s – he had a very similar meal only a few days after my […]

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