De Jonkman – A Hidden Treasure in Brugge (July 2008)

Planning a dining tour has easy and difficult parts. Well, of course the easy part is that mostly the destination is selected because there are some very good restaurants which are widely known. The difficult part is the search for some informal places to just grap a nice lunch or the treasure hunt for some rising stars. When I released that I will visit Oud Sluis and Hof van Cleve on my home forum I almost immediately had a PM which recommended “In de Wulf” and “De Jonkman”. Both having one stars I wanted to include both but In de Wulf would have been a massive detour (yes, I am not going any mile;-)) and Trine told me that she had done In de Wulf. So, for sake of some division of labour in the blogging community I opted for De Jonkman. We booked on short notice on a Friday night which was surprising as all starred restaurants in the area were fully booked.

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  1. […] Bau at Schloss Berg as my meal of the year and Filip Claeys from De Jonkman in Brugge of showing the most potential. Bau was named three times which is remarkable for a German restaurant! Congrats! The full results […]

  2. […] kock, Filip Claeys (de Jonkman) hade säkert fått den mest bisarra matvaran att matpara: sjögräslavendelpeppar. Men han verkade […]

  3. Hi, I am a food and travel writer from Dallas, Texas and will be in Bruges on Feb. 14 and 15. Of course, this is all last minute and have given up trying to find STAR dining on Valentine’s Day! Do you have a Sunday recommendation and/or a casual Saturday night one? Thanks, Love your website.
    Nancy Nichols

  4. […] had fantastic diners at De Jonkman (Filip Claeys has even more emancipated from Sergio compared to last year) and In de Wulf (Kobe Desramaults has created a very unique interpretation of his region – a […]

  5. […] Sergio who then arranged a stint at Charles Abellan’s Comerç 24 in Barcelona (actually when Filip told me that I made me go there). After 10 months Heidi ‘called’ him back to Dranouter […]

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