Hof van Cleve – A True Master (July 2008)

Before I go on and turn to eating adventures in Germany there is one more reference I want to share. During our B/NL trip we this year finally managed to eat at Hof van Cleve (HvC) in Kruishoutem near Gent in Belgium.

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5 Responses

  1. Hi IFS,

    quite interesting… Indeed from what I understand reading your report Goossens has gradually perfectioned his cooking. My last visit in 2006 was far more classic… Definitely a must-go next time I am in the area!

    Guten Appetit!

  2. Thanks MXH,

    at least it seems so comparing old and new reports. BTW, Gstros on Tour have a very nice report on the same menu on their website…

    Best IFS

  3. […] 2009 by IFS Well, Belgium and the Netherlands have emerged to a culinary hotspot not only due to Peter Goossens, Sergio Herman and Jonnie Boer ranking among the best chefs in the world. Interestingly, there are […]

  4. […] product quality and execution of the veal dishes I recently had at Christian Bau (Schloss Berg) and Peter Goossens (Hof van Cleve). […]

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