Restaurant Überfahrt – A Fresh Breeze at the Tegernsee (August 2008)

So, time to return to my blogs primary objective – to write about my culinary adventures in Germany and some of its best chefs… The interested reader might have noticed that I have put in a new page Fine Dining in Germany to give you some background and perspective with respect to recent developments here.

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  1. What a great report! Thank you, Ingo! Makes me wanna go there *right now*! Apart from the duck breast and the chocolate dessert every dish looks amazing – far more modern, than I would have thought. And as a Frankfurter I should go there for the deconstructed “veal tafelspitz with Frankfurt green sauce” alone… greetings!

  2. Thanks, b. Indeed very worth the trip and less classic than expected. It was a very enjoyable feast!

  3. Regading the duck breast: isn’t a duck that is cooked as a whole always (or must be?) more “well done”? To me, it is rather the composition with red cabbage and the dumpling that seems a bit, well, boring…

  4. Dear b. – not necessarily as you can reduce the cooking time in the oven and have a less well done breast. If it is too red you can roast it to the desired point in a pan… (my amateur approach)
    The sides were conventional but very good.

  5. Hello Ingo

    Great review and very surprising dishes from a region maybe not reputated for its gastronomy.

    Thanks for making us discovering these places.


  6. […] to further developed his potential at the Burg and is now regarded as one of the next potential three star candidates. After Jürgens signed to the Althoff Group in mid 2008 Conrad could “persuade” Thomas […]

  7. […] my last visit at the Überfahrt about a year had passed – it was Jürgens’ first year at the […]

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