Christian Bau – Continuous Evolution to the Absolute Top (August 2008)

Looking back, I always had great dinners at Schloss Berg but my recent experience clearly exceeded my high expectations by far. All in all, previously it was a classic french cuisine ingeniously delivered, beautifully assembled with an emphasis on creating a unique broad flavourful picture. In January this year we still had some variations (of langoustine, foie) which had been delicious but sometimes too complex and overloaded. What a difference now…

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  1. Wonderful report, Ingo! Those dishes look great…modern, yet not in a “manneristic” way. And I like the asian influence. I have to find a reason to get to the Luxembourg region as soon as possible…! (But I admire your capacity for 11 courses, because the dishes still don’t look “small”. 😉 )

  2. Thanks brigante, had to look up “manneristic” but now I got your point and agree completely;-)

  3. Congratulations for your report. Was there no difference in patisserie? Since he got 3* it’s now the 4. patissier. And it wasn’t the same in January and August. Or why did he seek a new chiefpat in spring?
    Hope for other reports like this.

  4. Carmelo, absolutely no difference – the chef patissier Christian Podubrin is at Schloss Berg since May 2006. Chef Bau was looking for a sous patissier who will start actually tomorrow…

    The desserts at Bau have always been memorable highlights of any meal I had there so far. Big chapeau also for the pati…

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  6. Great review. i am so pleased that you liked Christian Bau’s dazzling cooking. He gets so little attention io the food press yet his was the best meal I ate all year.
    You have fine taste!

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  8. The food looks very very very beautiful, P.S how much did the meal cost you then.

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