Amador – Subtle, Emotional, Brilliant

Shortly after my visit to the Vendôme I had the possibility to get an update of how Juan Amador’s cuisine has developed since my last visit in May. And, I must say that all but two dishes in the main menu were new to me. After the meal I am still stunned how much progress he has made in refining and elaborating his distinct style. So, another prime example of the significant and positive developments in Germany.

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  1. Wonderful…. a place i have to visit (funny that the dining room is similar to the Fat Duck room – even the logo outside).

    Some dishes look in between In de Wulf and Oud Sluis !

    FYI, L’Air du Temps has received a second star last tuesday (i was there for dining :))) – we should go there together once.


  2. Thanks, Laurent – I didn’t realize the similarity, but looking at your pictures it is indeed astonishing. But the house in Langen itself is much nicer, of course;-)

    Whenever you are around, drop me a note – I’ll be happy to come along…


  3. Estimado Ingo!

    Muchas Gracias!


  4. […] Then the big bang started and did not end until the very last course: “on the rocks” north sea crab, foie gras and lemon. Served on two plates this had it all – freshness, richness, acidity and clever variation of textures. By using lemon he takes out the fatness of the foie and makes the dish light and indulgent. In a way it is similar to Juan Amador’s foie with green apple sorbet and goat cheese (see here). […]

  5. […] 25), Tantris (I don’t understand that), Aqua (new at 57), Dieter Müller (at 76) and finally Amador (new at 80). Only Bau is missing in my opinion given my latest excellent meal there. In my humble […]

  6. […] the loss of the third fpr Winkler and Bourgueil, the promotion of Wissler (2005), Bau (2006), Amador, Erfort, Lumpp (2008) and finally Elverfeld in 2009. Moreover, a couple of young and unconventional […]

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