Happy New Year!

After a year of wonderful and less wonderful meals, it is time to lean back and share some thoughts after, well, after a short night full of delicious food, delicious wines and nice company. We ended the event by having some delicious “Berliner” which are jam-filled doughnuts traditionally eaten at NYE and around Karneval (Mardi Gras) – taking this simple shot took me so long that I cannot publish on Jan 1, grrr…

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4 Responses

  1. Sounds like some great eating ahead for you (and reading for me).

    Happy New Year.

  2. Thanks Foodsnob, maybe I need to choose between Tokyo and NY – it’s a wish list;-) But there will be some reports;-)


  3. Happy New-year Ingo ! Everything is said in your post : a great year, jumping in the foodblog world, bringing great satisfactions.

    I wish you in 2009 that your wishlist becomes your itinary !

    Looking forward to meet you in 2009 !


  4. Laurent – I am also looking forward to finally meeting you, it is about time!

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