The Frankfurt Files (I): King Kamehameha Suite*

Not only since the recent financial crisis eating out and especially fine dining has been very difficult in Frankfurt. Why one is tempted to ask? In a city (previously) full of wealthy investment bankers, consultants and the like one would think of plenty of money pouring into gastronomy which in turn could lead to an increase in food quality on average. It turns out that in fact prices are (still) very high on the one star level (about €110 for 5-7 courses for what you get a nice “small” menu at most of the three star places) and the average quality below the starred restaurants is generally perceived as quite poor – some exemptions will be covered in separate later post….

Reasons? I can only suspect that the normal Frankfurt fine diner is more of a business client who wants a decent lunch or dinner and is not that much interested in breathtaking experiences which could interrupt the flow of business. One piece of evidence is that three of the one star places are closed on the weekend (Erno’s Bistro, Francais, Villa Merton). Only outside of Frankfurt, about 20 mins south, Juan Amador has successfully established a high-end restaurant now carrying three stars.

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8 Responses

  1. King Kamehameha Suite?
    That would have been almost enough to put me off…

    It sounds like an episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

  2. Well, I had to try this after the star… The analogy to GR is not too far away…

    I have to say that I really felt sorry for the service as there was obviously no mâitre or manager who could take responsibility…

  3. I cannot believe it. I went to the Suit before and after the star and it was wonderful. The service was amazing, friendly and always preemt. Especially the menu was awsome. Mr. Ogden is for me one of the best chef in Frankfurt and he deserve the star. From my point of view: You owe him a second chance !!!!

  4. Meike, if there had been only the timing issue and the dishes had been very good I would go back for sure. But again paying this money and potentially have some negative experience this is hard for me to think of. At least at the moment…

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  6. I for one, cannot wait to try Chef Alan’s creations!

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