Perfect Christian Bau?

After a couple of meals last year at Christian Bau’s Schloss Berg I followed Trine’s example of taking a break to see how the cuisine develops over some time. But, sooner that I thought the idea came up to show very good friends of mine real three star cooking and somehow Schloss Berg appeared as the perfect venue (honi soit qui mal y pense…)

The interior of the restaurant has been completely refurbished in January while they were closed and now really fits to the more contemporary and modern cuisine of Christian Bau. I particularly liked the new chairs which had been exclusively made for the restaurant. You can exit without having to move the chair by just turning the upper part… Very comfortable…


A Reflection of Bau's Cuisine

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  1. Dear Ingo, what a meal,

    Honestly, I could eat 25 courses there, so I can’t really understand you being full when desserts come ;))

    The first menu would have been interesting though. Have those dishes made by someone like Bau… I guess they would be fantastic.

    THe crispy fish skin isn’t that new though. If you look into the first “Grand livre de cuisine d’Alain Ducasse”, there are plenty of recipes using the same procedure. But unfortunately you see it too rarely used.

    I’m only waiting to write my exams and go back to Luxembourg before I’ll treat myself to another meal there.

    • Will check with the book – I have nevertheless never encountered this version of fish crisp so far…

      Next time we go together – you also promised me some home cooking if I remember correctly;-)

      • Felix, you are right – I don’t know how this could escape me;-) Maybe because I am not as big a Ducasse fan as you…

  2. well that might be true.

    As far as the cooking at my place is concerned. With pleasure. but we do that the day before Bau, otherwise I look pretty pale and bad!

    • That sounds good – when are you back? What about our Fat Duck plans? June is pretty busy now…

  3. I sent you a mail. Check that please…

  4. I can only echo your comments. The cooking was dazzling last year and has actually improved from that high level, based on my meal there a couple of weeks ago. Christian Bau is a tremendously gifted chef.

  5. Great review and pictures Ingo!

    There are many wonderful food everywhere. Noma, Can Roca and Schloss Berg, which one should be visited first? Thanks

    • Andy, hard to say – they are all good in their very respect. noma is authentic and ingredient-driven with modern techniques in the back. Can Roca is technique-driven with very surprising and unique results. Schloss Berg has a more Asian take on classic dishes with a more and more pronounced handwriting…

  6. Beautiful review..cant wait to go back…someday. Loved the joke they pulled on you.

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  8. Having read your review, I am even more excited to be going to Bau’s in July.

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  10. […] as I already indicated on my last report, Bau’s marriage of West and East is seamless: rooted in the French tradition he more and more […]

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