Christian Jürgens – Update (July 2009)

“What is a three star experience like?”, some foodie and non-foodie friends use to ask me. What is the difference between a one, a two and a three star restaurant? In Michelin terms the answer is straightforward:

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5 Responses

  1. True, the Foie with Rum and Coke reminds El Poblet a lot. Also the pebbles remind Mugaritz! But looks like a nice dinner and also the wine pairings seem quite interesting. Above all though, great review! Regards, Alex

  2. As i haven’t been to El Poblet , some of these dishes seem very “inventive” to me. I don’t mind that chefs copy other chefs as long as they improve the dishes. Haven’t said that, there is nothing worse when the copycat dishes taste worse than the originals!

  3. Somehow you’d always expect the creativity of an artist when you go to such a highly rated restaurant, but didn’t impressionist painters also copy each others style without losing their distinct recognition as masters of their art? I guess I totally agree with you Aiste, you’d at least expect some personal touch when it comes to copycats and it seems that was the case in this restaurant. In the end though, the most important is the result and that it tastes good! 😛

  4. Aiste, that’s spot-on – improvements and further developments can be very beneficial as this is exactly the way cooking has evolved. And indeed, if the copy is just a copy (and not only inspired by a style of someone else) and it doesn’t taste good it’s a shame.

    As I have written in a strict sense there were not 1:1 copies of whole dishes in this menu and the taste was right. And there were memorable dishes created by Jürgens himself – so he doesn’t need to play with Dani’s tomato;-)

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