Christian Bau – The Gourmet Vision

What is a vision? Apart from its medical meaning it could be a long-term goal (in management – where does my company want to be in 10 years?), an inspirational experience (in spiritual terms) or a hallucination (a vivid conscious perception in the absence of a stimulus).

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  1. Ingo, seems like you had two stunning meals again there! Congrats on the new camera, that really makes the dishes look that much more attractive! Your second meal sounds even more interesting, with all of these new dishes.

    Can’t wait to go back…

    How come you’ve never heard of Luxembourgish wine;))

    • Felix,
      it was truly amazing. The Vision was surprisingly light whereas the Voyage was a bit heavier. Hard to choose…

      I am just in the beginning of making friends with the new camera and lens – the atmosphere of the pictures w/o flash is more intimate and authentic..

      Well, re the Lux wine – there needs to be a surprise;-)

  2. Well, I think I would have preferred the Voyage, but I’m sure that the Vision wasn’t “von schlechten Eltern” neither.

    What is your new weapon of choice?

    • The Vision was somehow more coherent whereas the voyage had new dishes which I rellly loved…

      I now use a EOS 450D with a 1.8 lens – after some iitial training from Trine it kinda works…

  3. Thanks a lot !!!

  4. Ingo, your experience is similar to ours, with the difference that we stayed at the hotel enxt door and the rooms are really something to write home about. Room with a view and service to match. We booked a ‘Verwohn Wochende’ or Spoil me Weekend in English and they really did, from the ‘Rose Champagne’ as the welcome drink in the room on arrival to the ‘Luggage in the boot’ on departure we were pampered like a pert of the big family. The food need not say was a dream and a culinary delight. We will return! Karina & Imtiaz Alikhan

    • Imtiaz, welcome to my blog! That’s very true – the overall experience is family-like with an enormous generousity. But I have indicated that on earlier Schloss Berg write-ups…
      Glad you liked it;-)

  5. […] Christian Bau – The Gourmet Vision […]

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