Thomas Bühner – It’s about Time

It was about time to revisit Thomas Bühner’s La Vie in Osnabrück. My last meal there in December last year was on a very high level yet with some weaker moments, especially on the dessert side. But it showed a clear tendency towards higher laurels, namely the third star. In this year Bühner hired Frederik Robert, a new pastry chef, and had Jürgen Dollase present very promising new dishes in a recent issue of Port Culinaire. So, we went…

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2 Responses

  1. […] Thomas Bühner – It’s about Time […]

  2. You really give me the taste to run back to Europe again. For now, I am a bit stucked in North America since I had as mission to visit couple of Canadian restaurants, but as soon as I am freed of that mission I am looking forward to tour Europe best tables. I never went to La Vie yet, and am thankful to your review because I am now adding it to tables I need to discover in Europe

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