The Frankfurt Files (V): Silk/Micro

Fond of electro, techno and house music? Ever heard of the DJ legend Sven Väth? If yes, the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt should be immediately on your mind. If no, but you are food-interested, or maybe a real foodie, you should definitely add this location due its fabulous restaurants Silk and Micro where Mario Lohninger is both chef de cuisine and host… Restaurants in a club, hmmm…

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4 Responses

  1. Bravo !
    …to IFS for this wonderful review….,
    bravo to Mario, his family and his team for the performance….
    Micro & Silk = wonderful place 🙂

  2. Wow! Very nice review! And it makes me wanna go back soon. Funnily I also remember the good salmon (served at an Austrian wine event there). I wonder how he cooks it so tender and juicy and flavourful.
    It’s a jewel in Frankfurt! Closer to 2 stars than 1 for sure!
    (btw I’m sure you wanted to type squid tentacles instead of scallop tentacles)

    • Thanks Alex – I was referring to ‘virtual’ scallop tentacles;-)
      The salmon recipe is in Mario’s new book – he prepares it in the oven at 90° (top and bottom heat) for about 8-10 minutes on a buttered tray covered with transparent foil…

      • I love that place! As far as I know, the salmon recipe is one of Hans Haas’ classics. Nevertheless, for me Mario Lohniger is one of the “great chefs of tomorrow”..

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