In de Wulf – A Kind of Magic

The Flemish Primitives are coming up – this urgently reminds me that I owe you some reports on my Belgium/NL trip end of last summer. Although I have written about the Service à Six Mains at In de Wulf, the restaurant itself very well deserves its own post to provide deeper insights into the philosophy of Kobe Desramaults and his team.

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7 Responses

  1. Lovely report Ingo. Happy to read you almost became addicted to it… 🙂

    • Almost? In retrospect it was really memorable – it rarely happens to me that I can still feel the atmosphere and recall the dishes so well even after several months…

  2. Your post is wonderful. Reading it encourages me to return to In de Wulf soon. The lobster was a standout for me as well. As we drove into the restaurant’s parking lot, we could smell the lobster stock brewing. It’s a wonderful place. And, the hotel room (plus the fabulous breakfast the morning after) is a true delight.

  3. Thanks for transporting me back to IdW, Ingo. Beautiful! 🙂

    • @Nancy – I need to sleep there – maybe that’s a good reason to return;-)

      @Trine: De rien, my pleasure;-) Hard to describe what’s going on when you are there… Glad the IdW spirit comes across…

  4. Hi Ingo, you must have been there araound about the same time as we were last summer. We also had the raspberry/strawberry dessert and the pork belly dish and both were fabulous. Regards, Chris.

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