The Copenhagen Crawl is Coming Up

When I started reading the international food forums and blogs I almost immediately stumbled on Steve Plotnickis’ Opinionated About – the first post I read was about Steve’s brilliant dinner at Oud Sluis which forced me to go there this very year. A couple of posts later I read that chef Sergio Herman of this very restaurant had called Steve and asked for advice where to eat in New York. Finally, this ended up in Steve arranging the first restaurant crawl with him and Sergio eating at various important NYC restaurants on one night.

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One Response

  1. Thanks for this beautiful coverage of yours. It is amazing how a city like Copenhagen had emerged as a world gourmet stronghold in relatively no time. I especially admire the trend (in Copenhagen) in not falling in the same old refinement of classic fine dinings, and opt for elevating a sort of national fine gourmet identity. May it be Geranium, Noma, Herman..there’s an obvious commitment from the Danes to fire some strong creativity through their own concept of fine dining. Awesome and fun.

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