The CPH Crawl (IV): noma

As we thought to be back in our comfort zone after a bit of rock’n roll at The Paul, René surprised us completely. As we had all eaten there in the three days before (in shifts as we couldn’t organize another joint diner) there was not really much of the current menu or any classic dishes that he could serve us. So he went in a different direction…

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5 Responses

  1. Steve didn’t: “I don’t eat sperm” – I’m going to guess that was the Plotz? haha I can just see him saying that 🙂

    ‘ok bring me the wine list and remember – no bread and no sperm. Apart from that we are good’

    I’m jealous – looks like you guys have had a great trip!



  2. :=) hehe, dito! A genuine Mr. P

  3. Brilliant post, IFS!! You’re spot on 🙂

  4. The part ‘I don’t eat sperm’ is funny. LOL. The cod liver looks delicious and it is tempting. Fresh food.. wow, what a taste.

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