Michelin 2010 Germany – Consolidation?

An anniversary year for Michelin in Germany – the 100th edition. So, time for ground-breaking news? What is very apparent from the stats is that Germany has seen a rather promising development since Juliane Caspar had taken over in 2004

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4 Responses

  1. In Hessen aber leider nicht viel Neues… :=/

    • Well, frankly I didn’t see anything rising in Hesse – or what do you think, alex? Rather some demotions (Merton, Hesseler)…

  2. Agree. Disappointing for Hesse. 3 closures and nothing new at the horizon it seems. Personnaly I can’t really judge since I didnt go fine dining that often those last months, but there are certainly many good restaurants that just dont fit in the Michelin scheme, maybe rather in the slow food guide (this said, I’m impressed how Osteria Enoteca mantains a one star rating as an Italian restaurant (justified imho)). Otherwise I’ve always seen Silk as more than one star, but haven’t eaten there for a long time also, but they got their generous rating from Gault Millau on the other hand. What do you think about Silk?

    • I’ve been to Micro/Silk two times in the last months and I really impressed by Mario’s cooking, its purity and yet complexity, the products and the favour combinations which are off the beaten path – it surely is at two star level. Btw, my last meal at Francais was amazingly good, also at solid two star level. Frankfurt, we are getting there:-) Reports will come up soon…

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