Margaux – One of A Kind

Most chefs at high-end restaurants are obsessed in a very positive way – either with execution, product quality, presentation or creativity. Michael Hoffmann of Margaux in Berlin is all of that but maybe to an even greater extent. In the last couple of years he built up an immense knowledge of herbs both known and forgotten and developed a touch for vegetables which overall results in a very unique cuisine.

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3 Responses

  1. I fully agree – but because Michael Hoffmann is so difficult to approach and because he is so unique, the second star is withheld for too long now. I wish, he could get the rewards that he deserves.

  2. […] laurels seem to be in sight for him and Thomas Bühner. (Personally I would like to count in Michael Hoffmann of Margaux but he needs to get the second star first…) Maybe these thoughts can help in […]

  3. […] disappointing and totally incomprehensible, Michael Hoffmann of Margaux in Berlin didn’t get the second star. As I reported and experienced again two […]

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